UPDATE: 7/31

So, some new news regarding the site; HTTPS is now enabled, which really doesn't affect the site's content, but I figure I should set that up at the very least.

Second, and more notable, is the fact that the site now hosts its own Gitea instance! You can access it through the button on the sidebar; I figure I might migrate some smaller projects and such from GitHub onto here. Maybe some small tools, libraries, and scripts I've written or come up with (stuff I use in conjunction with i3 and the like, as well as wrapper libraries for homebrew development and stuff that's too inconsequential to really put on my GitHub).

Getting the Gitea server set up was a learning experience; it's cool knowing how to set up a reverse proxy over nginx now, and I figure I might open up a few more web apps on this site in the future (resources allowing, of course).

If, for some reason, you want an account on this instance, hit me up on Discord at saturnsh2x2#3840 and I'll work something out.

UPDATE: 7/30

At the time of this writing, the site is up, but there are still some issues I'm trying to sort out with the domain. Hopefully, by the time you all are seeing this, it's working properly. I'm using; it's cool, since I don't have to pay for anything, but I admittedly haven't dealt with setting up websites since around 2018, I want to say?

In other news, I uploaded a good chunk of my artwork from this year to the art tab (I wouldn't dare upload anything earlier than this year, I feel like I've actually improved quite a bit of late and have trouble looking at anything I've made pre-2021). Tech section is still under construction; still trying to figure out how to organize this site, but I think the Tech section will cover miscellaneous writings about geeky topics like homebrew or how older consoles worked. I feel like I should also add a Miscellaneous section for posts that don't necessarily fit neatly into any categories. Maybe also a downloads section where I can upload releases for any games and programs I might make?

Definitely want to toy around with hosting a Gitea instance on here, so I can host whatever BS code I want, though my VPS only has half a GB of RAM, so I'm not exactly sure how well it will run. I'm probably going to be the only person using it anyways, so it shouldn't be too demanding, and the server's currently only running at half RAM usage. Worst-case scenario: I'll find a way to host it on an old laptop or something and link it here; maybe I can put the subdomain under the glue records.