Idea I had a while back. I did put some thought behind which characters matched up well, and I figure here's a good place to elaborate on that a bit:

  • Sonic as Goku: Do I even need to explain this one? From Super Sonic, to influencing the design of Sonic 3's Special Stages, to Shadow being based off of Vegeta and Silver being based off Trunks, Dragon Ball has had such a strong impact over the Sonic series as a whole that it felt wrong not casting Sonic as Goku.
  • Tails as Kurama: Both are fox characters, have an affinity for plants, are the smartest of their respective groups, and are sometimes mistaken for girls. I also wanted to cast Tails as a Yu Yu Hakusho character, considering one of the prototypes for Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen had unused graphics data for Tails left in the ROM.
  • Knuckles as Jotaro: Admittedly, casting Knuckles as Jotaro, I was thinking of this Off Panel short from the Archie comics. Also, both are the strong loner type, and both go "ORA ORA" at some point.
  • Amy as Shampoo: At first, I just wanted to cast Amy as a Ranma 1/2 character, and Shampoo was the first character I happened to think of. That said, both have unhealthy crushes on the main characters of their respective series, both have a bit of a temper, and both wield large melee weapons to smack people with, so it ended up being a good fit anyways.
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